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We know that beginning the road to a college education can be a daunting and confusing process. College Funding Strategies is here to help you navigate the process!

Here are some questions you might have:
How can I use your services to help me pay for college?
Please complete the contact form and we will send you an evaluation form to determine how our services might best be able to help you.
What is FAFSA?
FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Every college student should fill out a FAFSA each year. Without this, there is no financial aid.

Even if you feel that you cannot qualify for financial aid on a "needs" basis, you still have to fill this out in order to qualify for loans or private scholarships.

The FAFSA determines a number known as your EFC, or Estimated Family Contribution. The EFC is the amount that you will actually have to come up with "out of your pocket", to attend college.

It is the same regardless of where you go. With this amount firmly in mind, and in hand, you can approach the college(s) of your choice and get the best financial aid package.

Remember, more money is lost at this step than any other!
We will assist you in filling out your FAFSA form properly.
We will provide you with valuable information on how you can increase the amount of financial aid you receive.
We will do this each year you are in college or trade school.

The FAFSA form must be filed as soon as possible after January 1st of each year you are attending college or trade school.

Ideally, you should file your 'Pre-FAFSA', with us by October 1st of your senior year in High School.
My High School Counselor has warned me about all the "Scams", people who are out to get my money, by saying that they will help me find the best college, money for college, etc. What makes different?
Your counselor is right. There are many "scams". We are different because we don't base our assistance only on scholarships. The foundation of our success is helping you complete the complex financial aid forms and providing you with effective strategies to maximize your financial aid.

We believe in full disclosure of what you are paying for, so ask questions. Call us toll free at 1-866-471-8334 or use the "Live Help" button above if you have any questions at all about our services or fees.
Am I guaranteed a scholarship if I use your service?
No one can guarantee that you will get a scholarship. Less than 1% of the money used to pay for college education comes from the private scholarship arena. However, there have been several newspaper articles recently about those students who have spent considerable time researching private scholarships. They've done quite well. We believe that you should use every resource you have to get money for college. We offer our service to help you in your search.
I think my parents (family) makes too much money to qualify for financial aid. Why should I bother?
Almost every family can qualify for financial aid of some sort. Very few do not. However, you will never know unless you start with the FAFSA form. Private schools, which cost the most, also provide the most aid in the form of scholarships and grants. Also, the age of your parents and siblings has a bearing on the amount of aid you will receive. Again, the FAFSA form must be completed correctly to determine the amount of qualification.
With the College Search, how many schools can we look at?
You can evaluate as many schools as you want. We will do up to eight at a time, but you can do it as often as you wish.
How often can I use the services?
Simple.... as often as you like.
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